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About Us
Gail Trauco - The PharmaKon LLC.

Gail Trauco, RN, BSN
President and CEO

Running clinical trials is an orchestrated process — trust The PharmaKon LLC to conduct every trial with operational excellence. The PharmaKon LLC partners with biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, investigators, site staff, lab and technology vendors, and regulatory authorities to reinforce patient safety and access throughout every phase of research. All play a part in delivering the quality data that can drive promising compounds forward.

Government and nonprofit agencies require a partner that understands their specific requirements, has experience working within this sector and can meet the unique needs of these various agencies and programs.

For nearly 30 years, PharmaKon’s dedicated government and public health services group has successfully delivered clinical research services to various agencies, contractors and nonprofits in both prime contractor and subcontractor capacities within full compliance of all federal contracting requirements. Our services have supported the organizations in conducting therapeutic, vaccine and medical device studies on a global scale across all trial phases and therapeutic areas.

Based just outside Atlanta, Gail has personally gained a reputation as a fierce advocate for patient’s rights and for resolving some of the most difficult medical cases in the currently crippled healthcare industry. As a lifelong healthcare professional and frequent on-camera expert, she is equal parts Gloria Allred, Erin Brokovich, and Nancy Grace.

Curtis Wilson - The PharmaKon LLC.

Curtis Wilson, BSc, MBA
Vice President Clinical Operations

Curtis has over 23 years of industry experience working across multiple life science businesses in key areas including clinical operations, business operations, and business development. He has hands-on patient clinical  experience in HIV, oncology, and hemophilia clinical trials.

Curtis is responsible for the successful negotiation, implementation, and management of a national VA government clinical trial program. He maintains and oversees primary aspects of the Mobile Nursing Division of The PharmaKon
Decentralized Clinical Trials Program. Curtis has successfully managed corporate operations and business  development through high growth periods, building innovative plans to support growth. Curtis is also a member of the Patient Advocacy Council and an active City Council Member in his Illinois hometown.

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