Strategic Alliances
The PharmaKon LLC.

Pharmaceutical trials expert and CEO/founder of The PharmaKon LLC, Gail Trauco, R.N., BSN-OCN has spent four decades helping patients navigate the red tape of the U.S healthcare system. During a Merck Drexel Advanced Leadership Program for Diverse Suppliers (ALP) in early 2021, Trauco met and joined forces with Dr. Kelly Nguyen, a multi-award-winning leader in Connected Health Technology, and Mr. Chris Monica, President of Magno International and a comprehensive supply chain expert who has been providing solutions to Fortune 1000 companies for over 30 years. By combining their expertise via the Pharmakon, they have every piece of the puzzle needed to deliver open and inclusive clinical trials that many healthcare organizations have only talked about.

Dr. Kelly Nguyen
CEO and Co-Founder
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Chris Monica


Magno International

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